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Els Millenaar

EL 9332 009resizeElisabeth Millenaar, a trumpet player by profession, taught brass instruments for over twenty years.
She is a member of the Zeeland Symphony Orchestra, and plays chamber music in various settings.
During her teaching years she arranged and wrote music for educational purposes, and wrote several pieces for trumpet solo and brass quintet.
She also has a longtime relationship with the small harp and in recent years started to write her own music for the instrument, inspired by the harpists she met and heard at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.
Elisabeth loves images and words. In 2010 this resulted in the publication of "Netty's Garden", a book with photographs and poetry illustrating the six short compositions in the book.
Elisabeth plays a lever harp made by Peter Brough and a historic arpa de dos órdenes that was made by Tim Hobrough. She studied the latter instrument for two years with Hannelore De Vaere, Belgium,to pursue her love for early music. Elisabeth holds a part time position at the Library of the Province of Zeeland as music librarian and music information specialist.
(Do you prefer a printed version? Please visit www.elsmillenaar.com for the book, illustrated with photographs and poetry)

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